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Why am I here?

This is a question that is just begging for an answer. A sensible one, perhaps. I have scored sufficiently to ensure a place in TJC’s Arts stream, so why am I not where I should be? Waking up to that completely unexpected message was one thing. I sent a “wtf lar” back to the server, if anyone’s interested.

Following the rude awakening(literally), I got my application material together, got changed and headed out for TJC’s school premises. My appeal has been submitted. I am awaiting the good news that is to come in approximately four days’ time. Hopefully.

Anyway, I proceeded to SAJC to check the school out after that. It’s a nice place, but not somewhere I envision myself spending the next two years at. They sure do things efficiently over there. A quick glance at the notice board revealed that I had already been assigned to an orientation group. I guess I’ll spend two or three days there having fun before moving on to serious business in TJC. Hopefully.

My group consists of 23 people, 7 of whom are males. Hopefully, this bodes for some interesting possibilities. Hopefully.

Going back to point, these SAJC kids might be somewhat task-focused, but they sure as hell don’t seem to feel the pinch that is gripping at our wallets these troubled times. I just received a call from an over-eager student councilor(I presumed), who informed me of the need to bring $32 along on 2nd Feb to pay for some orientation kit. Damn, for that price it’d better have some yummy goodies in it.

I guess the O levels just screwed everybody up. So much for being an accurate means of benchmarking the abilities of 10000 students.


I’ve just been to the SAJC blog set up for orientation purposes. Appears the councilors there executed a dry run of the actual orientation. Weak bonding games and all that. Pictures can be found by googling “saints arcanum”. Fucking shit I’m not going to fall victim to their superficial stunts. I’ll probably hide in one of the school’s many secluded spots and chill till the day gets over with. I’m sure as fuck not going to stand getting tied to a bunch of people I barely know and risk getting soapy water dumped on me.



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Buff your iPod today!


This is the FiiO E3 portable headphone amplifier.

I got it at Jaben a few days ago. The price was, shall we say, negligible?

I connected it to my player with my ATH-CKM50s, since the guy at the shop told me that using it with phones fitted with two or more armatures would blow the crossfeeding and basically conk the phones out.

The result? Tighter bass, tamer highs. Very well worth for the money. If you’re using a iPod or something that has an otherwise poor sound quality, you might want to consider investing in this little piece of technology. You can make your way up from there. This is about the smallest portable amplifer you can get, and with its rockbottom price, there should be no harm in giving it a try. You don’t have much to lose anyway. The amount you would be paying for it roughly equates to that of an extremely cheap pair of earphones.

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Nothing is CNY

What is it actually about? Red packets? Food? Being flocked by relatives most of whom you don’t give a shit about? CNY is bullshit, because it is the same monotonous routine every FUCKING year.

I leave for my relatives’ place in the morning. I arrive promptly at 1, and settle down for a vegetarian meal. Following that, I proceed to offer greetings. For my efforts, I receive paltry sums of money. There is a Mahjong table which beckons me over. I am allured. I sit down on the Ikea folding chair, and stack my tiles into a wall. I start to play. Sometimes I win, and other times I lose. The old-timers are going at a rate of $1 a tai. At the end of 3 hours, I have made a $27 nett gain. The reason I am able to fleece the pockets of the experienced? I cheat, and very surreptitiously so. I hang on to four of the “dragon tiles”, and sneak them into my side of the table whilst drawing my tiles. Opening them results in an instant $6. I am happy. I play clean for a while. A few minutes later, I cheat yet again. I do this for the duration of the 3 hours.

I did that a year ago.

My family goes to the Hongbao River exhibition after that. I jostle through the crowd. I scoff at the Chinks trying to sing along to the CNY tunes that are blasted from the loudspeakers. Soon, I am bored. We then head for dinner. I note that most of the shops are closed. Reminds me of Perth after 4pm.

I did that too, a year ago.

I don’t need the money. I believe that CNY is more than red packets, snacks, drinks, gambling and playing with shredded vegetables topped with the flesh of raw fish. That’s fucking dirty by the way. I don’t need your saliva on my chopsticks. I hate trying to finish up the fucking oranges that are left over from the whole blasphemy of a holiday. I don’t feel a sliver of gaiety when people come over and mess up my house, leaving me to pick up the pieces afterwards. I detest having to mop the floor in order to get rid of that sticky feel that the outsiders have left behind. Occasionally, there is the spilled puddle of beverage. Any remnant of debonairness I might still cling on to would be ripped to pieces at this point. You don’t just fucking come over and make a fucking mess out of my residence.

14 more days of this fucking mockery of a holiday, and we’re done. I am eagerly anticipating the start of a new school term. Hopefully, I will not be donning green. Hopefully, I will not have the SAJC experience, or even the CJC one. Hopefully, I will not be mugging and still be trapped in mediocrity.

Wait, there is no hope to be found in 2009. Good game to all.

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I don’t listen to concert band instrumentals on a regular basis, so I can’t really comment on how good of a performance they actually put up. I do have some experience in music so I guess they kept the rhythm of their piecs pretty well. But cheering and clapping whilst the music was still playing? I don’t care much for that. If the concert had been held at a venue with actual formal seating, half of the audience would probably be escorted out of the premises promptly. It’s true. We will see Anglican High School in Band 3 next year. It would also probably be safe to wager that the entry score drops to the 230s, and the school itself loses its SAP/Autonomous status, but that would be too much to ask for, wouldn’t it? When we’re being ousted by the likes of Xinmin and Cedar, you really have to do something fast. Each time I step into the school compound, the entire place seems to give off this “neighbourhood school” vibe that grows in magnitude with each passing day. Replace the terrace housing with HDB blocks, and we’re no different from Bedok Green Secondary.

For those who feel that you’ve done badly for the O’s, but do not wish to openly reveal your aggregate scores, why not try this?


All you have to do is whitewash the enclosed area before thinking of a little wisecrack on your O’ Level performance. Below are a few ideas.

“A2 x 6 = 12”

“E8 x 6 = L1r5 -NIL-”

“Hang on, it seems they’ve mixed my L1r5 up with that of a PSLE aggregate score.”


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Coming to terms

I’ve mulled over the beginning of my new journey. Convincing myself that I will be satisfied with TJC has not been easy. VJC and I will never be mentioned again in the same breath, unless my application or appeal(depending on the circumstances) is successful. To think that I was even considering entering RJC before that Monday arrived.

Hah. I guess I’ll see Samuel, an unlucky soul who failed his Higher Mother Tongue, and was only able to deduct a single bonus point based on his CCA achievements, and more at TJC.


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Good to go

I’m done with the JAE selection process. The whole thing has been a rather big joke. Twelve choices? Most people would probably just fill in six after careful consideration, then randomly select 6 courses that they don’t give a shit about just to fill up the blank spaces. I complied with the actions of the majority, and proceeded to submit my little form-to-end-all-forms.

  1. TJC Arts(originally VJC Arts)
  2. TPJC Arts(orginally TJC Arts)
  3. ACJC Arts
  4. SAJC Arts
  5. CJC Arts
  6. MJC Arts
  7. ACJC Science
  8. SAJC Science
  9. TP Mass Comm
  10. TPJC Science

My blunder in mixing up the codes of Temasek, Tampines and Victoria basically means that I’ll have to fork out 10 dollars to resubmit my JAE form. That’s going to be a nice kick in the head, it will. Fortunately for my wallet, I have decided against getting a Timbuk2, settling for a nice, utilitarian Deuter backpack instead. It’s going to be more practical when I have material I want to lug to, or back from campus.

I do not care for the quality of education that any of these places will be able to offer me. I got this far in my humanities purely with my own effort. How many of you can say that SK’s SS lessons aided you in achieving your A1s for your combined humanities. SAL’s lectures were as close to redundant as you could get. All I can say is that I have never actually picked up anything substantial from their mindless blabbering. My A1s came from my mugging for the papers one or two days before each examination. I plan to continue this routine in JC. It has paid off so far, and I don’t see why its success shouldn’t continue.

VJC Arts should come as no surprise. As I have mentioned in one of my earlier posts, their photographic society uses Canon equipment, which I can whore off for my little escapades in the weekends. If they have a 24-70mm f2.8 over there(which I sincerely doubt), I’ll be in serious business. If I get into this place, I’ll draft out a plan to overthrow the incumbent president of the club, thus granting me full access to the club’s resources. It’s like a camera rental resource at my disposal.

TJC is my plan B should my pending appeal to VJC fail. They use Nikon bodies and lenses, which means that I’ll have to use their DSLRs paired with the basic kit lenses. I noticed that even during the open house, their members were only cleared to roam the school grounds with what appeared to be D80s. However, Nikon kit lenses are slightly more reputed than their Canon counterparts, so it’ll be a good experience getting to handle both Nikon and Canon DSLRs should I wind up there.

You might want to submit your application soon, registration closes at 4pm, which is approximately 14 hours from now. Looks like I’ll have to make a trip down to MOE later on. It’s probably a blessing anyway, since I’ll have an excuse to get out of the residence. It’s being painted now, and the whole house stinks. Junkies are welcomed to come and sniff to their hearts’ content. Only $15/hr!


Good, I can clean this shit up from the comfort(or not) of my plastic chair. Looks like it’s going to be bag hunting with a budget of $80 later in the day.


Ok fuck the smiley.


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