Top shit of 2008

Best movie: Tropic Thunder, by far

Best automobile: Audi RS6 Avant

Best piece of news: The day the flyer stood still

Best western band: Coldplay

Best eastern band: Mayday

Best western male singer:

Best western female singer: Colbie Caillat

Best eastern male singer: Eason Chan

Best eastern female singer: ayaka

Best English track: I’m Yours

Best Chinese track: You are not really happy

Best record: Poetry the day after by Mayday

Best AV model: Maria Ozawa

Best mobile phone: HTC Touch Advantage

Best thing that happened: Severely limiting smoking in public areas

Best NBA team: Los Angeles Lakers

Best EPL team: Aston Villa

Best S-League Team: SAFFC

Best generic brand of bread products: Gardenia

Best portable music player: Cowon S9

Best earphones: Ultimate Ears-11 Pro

Best place to get ripped off: Sim Lim Square

Best place to not get a camera from: Bally Photo

To be continued.


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