Orientation 2009

I really don’t know why I agreed to play. It was not so much a result of my adoration for the CCA. Many of you can testify to that. If I were to put it in the simplest terms, I suppose it was because I felt like I owed them a favor. The whole thing was approached with slight trepidation, partially due to the song choices and the band members, two or three of whom I have never had relative contact with.

So on we plowed, the extremely weak pseudo-jamming sessions doing nothing to alleviate my fears for the worst. A recurring issue was the vocalists getting drowned out by all of the instruments playing together at the same time, and this would be a problem left unsolved even on the day itself. I brought along my tiny Crate amplifier for use on the ninth, a move which I deem to be one of the wiser ones ever made. First off, it had way more distortion than the amplifier supplied by the church, which even at a gain of 10 sounded very clean.
Cables were from Shure, which are some of the best you can get.

On the day before orientation, a few of us attempted a sleepover on school premises. I am sad to say that our little endeavor was met with certain failure. It was Splinter Cell action like no other : avoid the lit areas or risk getting caught by the lone security guard. We could not get into the AVT for a good night’s worth of sleep as there were about 3 cameras pointing at its entrance, somewhat protecting it from vile defilers of the night. After lazing around on the parade square for an hour or so, we left to kill some time at the Bedok LAN shop. Nothing of relative interest here. We returned to school for a rest after that, the parade square being our bed.

Suddenly, it was 7AM. People were walking in, and they were seeing four unaffiliated kids sleeping on the floor like homeless construction workers. Some smartass woke me up and I fell off the barrels I was sleeping on, severely grazing my knee in the morning. I remember waking up to Ho’s morning call, feeling hazy. Then I felt a stinging sensation on my right knee, put a hand to it and got blood stained on my hands. Students were still walking around in the midst of all this. I guess we looked like hobos to them. I thought they were rather funny, walking around all smartass-like, stealing glances at the doods sleeping on the parade square.

Wasted the whole morning playing basketball, walking around the school and setting up the booth after that. The four of us had a quick bath before changing into full uniform, something that I have not donned for about 6 months or so. Following that, we aided in the transportation of band equipment to the parade square. Shit happened, then it was the band’s turn to play. The first round was alright. Truth be told, Love Story is not one of the songs that I would listen to. Tempo was a little fast on that try, but it was still decent overall.

The second round of performance was the one that I screwed up in. I messed up the last chord for Love Story and strummed a very half-hearted end chord. Weak, but the GB’s singing probably drowned it out anyway.

On hindsight, I guess band was pretty fun. I probably shouldn’t have quit halfway last year for whatever grouse I had with a member of the past year’s band. Shit happens every single day, I guess we just have to learn to put up with it. Kevlar, helmet, tactical shield; I really need to stock up on these.

The few of us had dinner at Fort Road following the conclusion of the whole thing. We ordered a few dishes, total bill came to about $60. I recall feeling extremely good after dinner, my hunger satiated by the large portions of food. We had TCSS on the long bus ride home after that, recalling the years spent in this CCA, talking about past scandals and poking fun at tastes involving women.

I have no idea why I get more involved in the CCA after I am finally free from its grasp. Maybe I’m just too bored at home. My money’s going down the drain. Bag, player, earphones; I buy these and I’m left with less than $50 in my pocket. It’s not till you actually start earning your own cash that you feel the pinch of spending every little cent. Each time I open my Billabong wallet of five years, I bleed a little more inside.

A sidenote. Am I the only one who appreciates this track by Mayday?

I went to their outdoor concert on the fourth, and virtually no one was willing to sing along to this as it was played over the sound system before the band made their appearance. I mean, its like one of the better(if not the best) songs on the album. The lyrics actually mean something, and the song’s string instrumentals get very interesting the further you proceed into the track. How can anyone not like this? How can Mayday not play this:

which is inarguably their best Hokkien song? I hope to see a live performance at their August concert. I’m paying $160 for a front row seat, and I demand my money’s worth. I’ll probably have to borrow a decent point & shoot for the night, seeing as how they prohibit professional photography. The lines are fucking blurred here, as even toting a beginner’s camera like the 1000D will probably be enough to cause security to see you in a different light. Anyone have a Fujifilm they’re willing to lend? I’ll gladly settle for a Nikon if that’s not available. Ahh what the hell, I’ll take anything that’s better than my Cybershot P72, which was purchased in 2003 for a whopping $599. It’s ISO goes up to a maximum of 400, so you can see how primitive its technology is by today’s standards. If I can’t get one soon, I’ll probably try to borrow Ying Zhi’s camera(the one that she claims produces shitty pictures), and attempt to make the most of it. Point & shoot cameras have very unusable flash, so my plan is to point a Xenon-powered torch at whatever I’m planning to shoot. Nikon products can’t be that bad, considering how long they’ve been in the market, and their share of the photography market.

Life should be better. I’m hoping for the best for now.


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