Time to move along

I don’t think I did very well this time. This is not a condescending statement, I really mean it. I’m somewhat reluctant to reveal my raw score and extremely hesistant to even consider divulging my overall L1R5, but let’s just say that my overall just qualifies me for TJC’s arts stream. I do not wish to end up there, and I will do everything in my power to avoid getting into that place.

I have been to a few open houses. Let me give you some very unbiased advice.

ACJC – Rowdy place. Bad environment for studying in. Very out of the way for people living in the east.

TJC – Shittiest campus facilities, hands down. Very AHS-like feel.

SAJC – A relaxed place where you can socialise in. Extremely troublesome to travel to. Girls not as good as rumoured. Huge-ass campus.

I really hope that the application goes through. VJC’s not the best, but it’ll do for two years of redundant education. I plan to improve my writing skills whilst studying in the Arts stream, which will definitely serve me well me in my future career of choice. Many of you claim that there is no future for those in the Arts stream. I say fuck you. We’ll settle this score in two years’ time. You might have won this time by that slight margin, fuck you and your fucking bonus points.


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