I don’t listen to concert band instrumentals on a regular basis, so I can’t really comment on how good of a performance they actually put up. I do have some experience in music so I guess they kept the rhythm of their piecs pretty well. But cheering and clapping whilst the music was still playing? I don’t care much for that. If the concert had been held at a venue with actual formal seating, half of the audience would probably be escorted out of the premises promptly. It’s true. We will see Anglican High School in Band 3 next year. It would also probably be safe to wager that the entry score drops to the 230s, and the school itself loses its SAP/Autonomous status, but that would be too much to ask for, wouldn’t it? When we’re being ousted by the likes of Xinmin and Cedar, you really have to do something fast. Each time I step into the school compound, the entire place seems to give off this “neighbourhood school” vibe that grows in magnitude with each passing day. Replace the terrace housing with HDB blocks, and we’re no different from Bedok Green Secondary.

For those who feel that you’ve done badly for the O’s, but do not wish to openly reveal your aggregate scores, why not try this?


All you have to do is whitewash the enclosed area before thinking of a little wisecrack on your O’ Level performance. Below are a few ideas.

“A2 x 6 = 12”

“E8 x 6 = L1r5 -NIL-”

“Hang on, it seems they’ve mixed my L1r5 up with that of a PSLE aggregate score.”



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    hmmm? you went to the band concert yesterday?!

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