Why am I here?

This is a question that is just begging for an answer. A sensible one, perhaps. I have scored sufficiently to ensure a place in TJC’s Arts stream, so why am I not where I should be? Waking up to that completely unexpected message was one thing. I sent a “wtf lar” back to the server, if anyone’s interested.

Following the rude awakening(literally), I got my application material together, got changed and headed out for TJC’s school premises. My appeal has been submitted. I am awaiting the good news that is to come in approximately four days’ time. Hopefully.

Anyway, I proceeded to SAJC to check the school out after that. It’s a nice place, but not somewhere I envision myself spending the next two years at. They sure do things efficiently over there. A quick glance at the notice board revealed that I had already been assigned to an orientation group. I guess I’ll spend two or three days there having fun before moving on to serious business in TJC. Hopefully.

My group consists of 23 people, 7 of whom are males. Hopefully, this bodes for some interesting possibilities. Hopefully.

Going back to point, these SAJC kids might be somewhat task-focused, but they sure as hell don’t seem to feel the pinch that is gripping at our wallets these troubled times. I just received a call from an over-eager student councilor(I presumed), who informed me of the need to bring $32 along on 2nd Feb to pay for some orientation kit. Damn, for that price it’d better have some yummy goodies in it.

I guess the O levels just screwed everybody up. So much for being an accurate means of benchmarking the abilities of 10000 students.


I’ve just been to the SAJC blog set up for orientation purposes. Appears the councilors there executed a dry run of the actual orientation. Weak bonding games and all that. Pictures can be found by googling “saints arcanum”. Fucking shit I’m not going to fall victim to their superficial stunts. I’ll probably hide in one of the school’s many secluded spots and chill till the day gets over with. I’m sure as fuck not going to stand getting tied to a bunch of people I barely know and risk getting soapy water dumped on me.



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3 responses to “Why am I here?

  1. Jonathan

    Bro you gotta take things easy man, let the pride down.

  2. terie

    you’ll have a higher chance speaking to the principal personally! and the accepting of students into JCs are kind of on a random basis I heard, so.

  3. your classmates

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA at the message you sent back.

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