City of the dead

These days, I seem to have less energy with which to spend on trivial matters. I have been attending SAJC’s orientation program, and I have tried my best to enjoy it. Somehow, I have met with little success. The environment over here is reputed to be vibrant. From the third-person perspective, that description holds water. I guess you can roughly grasp the concept of the line that is supposed to follow. I leave it all up to your imagination. Go wild.

I am conserving sanity, and strength for the letters I am about to send out. One is targeted at TJC, demanding an answer for their actions. The other will be directed at the MOE, criticising TJC for their lack of ethic in the JAE precedure, and questioning the credibility and fairness of the JAE system as a whole. If I do not receive any satisfactory or substantial replies, this matter will be taken up to higher authority.

If you didn’t already know or haven’t already figured out, I failed the TJC appeal. I guess I will just stay in SAJC and top it. I will strive to get to my desired university course, one way or another. General paper is going to be the win. Once I see the “A”, I’m off to SMU. I just hope that the standard of the A Level papers won’t be as crappy as those of the O Levels’. All that talk about how precise the markers were, how excellently the questions would be set such that they would gauge the abilities of the students to 1000 decimal places and give each student their due grades. Haha, it tickles me somewhat.

Orientation post… another day perhaps.


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