Minimalism; less is more

I had intended to write this down along with a short but sweet “Thank you” on the board that my orientation group was planning to give to its leader as a token of appreciation for her efforts in effecting such a wonderful orientation program for the +/-25 of us. However, I soon decided against it, for reasons undisclosed. The lengthy message that I had just received from Yu Qi, my OGL, made me feel that dropping the wisecrack had been a decision for the best. By accurate estimation, I established that the message occupied the capacity of 3 full message templates, which allow for a maximum of 160 characters each(by the standards of Nokia’s Symbian phones, at least). It makes my weak message seem vastly inferior by comparison. I hope she liked the present the OG got her, though. The present, consisting of a set of two, was purchased at Wisma Atria’s TopShop for a sum of money that seemed reasonable enough even in these trying times. The articles in question? Knickers plastered with visages of femme fatales the likes of Batgirl and Wonder Woman. That makes for an interesting “Confucius says” quote, but you’ll have to read up on that yourself. No more spoonfeeding in JC, or so the tutors claim.

09S26. Strength of 25, with 22 females. Is that a GG or is that a GG? I managed to get into my desired subject combination, so I guess I’ll just sit back and see what life has in store for me. Top priorities on the list include clinching some Jacob Balls awards, and rising through the ranks of CCA groups that would do well to prepare for my impending arrival.

There’s never been a better time to master the ways of Tao. He who know Tao make million dollar!


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