Cross country for the lulz. Instead of being forced to participate like the vast majority in a mindless race for house supremacy, I voluteered to be tasked as an assistant photographer to a J2 senior for 4th March. The recee of sorts conducted at the photographic society’s club room revealed no drainpipes, or valuable tubes of any sort. I figure that the only equipment I’ll be able to appropriate are the tripods. Still, I have no regrets joining this CCA. My CCA portfolio might be dull and insubstantial at the end of 2 years, with “inanity” being a suitable term with which to describe it, but with the semi-prolific Pre-U Seminar participation to back it up, it should look somewhat decent to most. Claiming top honours in a photography competition wouldn’t be a bad idea either.

Back to the main subject of this post. My investigation of the cramped quarters known as the “Dark Room” proved unfruitful. Here is the tentative equipment list.

  1. Nikon 18-105mm f3.5-5.6
  2. Nikon 50mm f1.8
  3. Nikon 75-300mm f4.5-5.6
  4. Nikon SB800 x 2
  5. Canon 580EX2(faulty as of 27th February 2009)
  6. Nikon D80 body
  7. Nikon D40 body x 2
  8. Nikon D70 body
  9. Generic tripods

Obviously, I can’t use any of the Nikon equipments since I already own a Canon myself. The flash is noteworthy; I might consider convincing the teacher-in-charge to send it in for repairs.

The range of equipment verges on meagre, and is not in the league of MJC’s holy grail stash. I heard that they actually allow their members to carry stuff the likes of 85mm 1.8s around for events, and the teacher owns several 70-200mm f? lenses that the senior members might be entrusted with to use at events of utmost significance. Further elucidation is not required; you don’t ask questions when you have the drainpipe.

And the drainpipe is what I shall be renting for the cross-country race. The 18-55mm f3.5-5.6 IS that I currently own won’t pull its weight for an outdoor sports event. With the 70-200mm, I can even take voyeuristic shots of hot gals jogging at the break of dawn. I plan to work out a deal that allows me usage of the highly-revered lens together with a 580EX2 flash for a day. Estimated cost looks to be around $60. I might get the 70-200mm f4 instead if my funds prove insufficient. The external flash can be substituted with a 430EX2 if need be. My task scope on that day is simple – cover the event. These are the compulsory shots that I have to have saved onto my 4GB Kingston CompactFlash.

  1. Random dood running with a pseudo-torch.
  2. Principal cutting tape/lighting torch/giving speech/beating gong
  3. J1 girls getting ready to run
  4. J1 boys getting ready to run
  5. J2 girls getting ready to run
  6. J2 boys getting ready to run
  7. Staff getting ready to run
  8. Elements of the previous five sets actually running
  9. Prize presentation ceremony
  10. Voting of shortlisted mascots

I’ll leave the shots of the male kids to the main photographer. That only leaves me more room in my memory card with which to snap pictures of some of the more alluring females. J1s and J2s alike will not be spared. I currently have somewhat of a fetish for hairbands, so I suspect that I’ll have more than a hundred shots of chicks sporting hairbands to deal with during the post-production process. To make matters worse, they shalt face the full blasts of a 580EX2(hopefully), and experience partial blindness for a few seconds afterwards. I have a few targets on hand, and I plan to take at least 10 pictures of each of them. Of course, there are the quintessential shots of fat kids running. Heh, there are some privileges bestowed upon you once you grasp the clunky DSLR in your hands. There is one that stands prominent though.

Exemption from the cross-country race! Photographic society for the win!

This concludes the post.



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4 responses to “Escapism


    hey damn you! back then i go to school everyday with a hairband! LOL.

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  3. POSEUR LOL. You better shoot properly hor and share the loot with me ^^

  4. yenii

    I currently have somewhat of a fetish for hairbands

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