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Online Shopping Fails

Yesterday, I attempted to order a pair of shoes from Footlocker, which is a major retailer of sports footwear based in the United States. Through their online shop, no less. The entire process was literally the unbridled fury of hell unleashed, to say the least.

After coming to a decision on the pair of shoes I would be ordering, I had to sign up for a PayPal account since international customers aren’t allowed to make direct payment to Footlocker. I noted their shipping charges. Slow and inefficient, not to mention a higher cost than what VPost was charging. I indicated the delivery address as VPost’s Oregon branch, thus saving me about 10 dollars. With this came added inconvenience, however. I then had to send the Footlocker invoice to VPost, and make an additional payment of roughly 18 smackers. Fuck, this is the last time I do online shopping of any sort. It takes 2 weeks for my order to be delivered to my doorstep. Can’t wait to get rid of the Converses, the layer of synthetic leather has been starting to peel off as of late.

Total damage? 103 Singapore dollars, paid from my own pocket. Quite painful for some quickly depleting funds. It was a big blow, which effectively delays the purchase of a few audio equipments.

Westone ES3X Customs

RSA Hornet

iMod, the only iPod I’ll ever use

Fuck these pipe dreams. I really need to start focusing on my school work, following my disastrous performance in the MSA. 80 rank points for Common Test. Can I get another Amen?


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Work is piling up, slowly but surely. I’ve cleared my Geography report(thankfully), and am thinking of getting started on my GP homework soon. The agenda just never seems to come to a close. An oral presentation for the Pre-U Seminar looms in the near future, and I’ve got absolutely zero research material to present as of now.

There are some things to look forward to, though. Thanks to the re-contract I did for my Internet plan, a Lenovo laptop will be delivered to my home in about 5 days time. Looks like its time to get rid of this crappy Toshiba. Its hard disk makes loud whirring noises, and the computer lags like a bitch every few minutes. I plan to get an extra stick of 2GB RAM for the new laptop, to immunize it from possible future lag. Consumerism is cool.

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