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JC Fuckanomics

38 pages of Geography was manageable at the Secondary 4 level. It’s fucked up now, very possible to spend 10 minutes on just 1 page.

On a lighter note, I’ll be getting the BG-E2N battery grip tomorrow. Finally, the woes of portrait shooting will be remedied. Marathon sessions won’t be issues anymore. Next purchase, a 70-200mm F4L!


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SAJC Life Concert 2009

It was a night of fun shooting with the other “casual snappers” at the Life Concert. The low-lit conditions were a first for me, but it was manageable with the aid of the external flash unit. We absolutely ruined the official photographers’ night, what with the hogging of the space at the central block and all. I noted that one of them was using a D80 coupled with a 18-135mm f3.5-6.3 lens, without flash. Judging from my shots, a minimum focal length of 90mm was required for an isolated shot of a performer. That’d translate to an aperture of at least f5, so I wonder how her shots turned out. The performances were adequate to keep the 1000-strong turnout in high spirits, but critically speaking the sound was a little congested without the presence of a proper lead guitarist. The photos are also up on both my Facebook as well as my newly-created Flickr, so do utilise them for your tagging needs as required. This also marks my first experience with Adobe Lightroom 2.3.

Next event coming up is Sports Day. I plan to cover it unofficially, as I did the concert. It’s so much more enjoyable to shoot at your own leisure without the need to hand over your CF card at the end of the day.

I’m going to try figure Vista and my new setup out, so that’s all.

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No Trespassers!

It seems as if my blog has been discovered by certain potential perpetrators. I contemplated a move, but then I figured that it’d be redundant due to a certain individual’s  annoying habit of linking other blogs to his/her own. Figure out who I’m alluding to here? I’d just get linked again, and my new blog would then be discovered. It seems as if no one is safe from the power of teh Internets. Can anyone remain inure in the face of the 21st century breakdown?

Today was April Fool’s Day. It was definitely not as enjoyable as it could have been had a few things fallen into place. I managed to cook a pot of pasta successfully. It was a task that I deemed to be of high priority, since it was lunch hour and the pasta was meant to serve as a means of sustenance for at least an hour or two. However, I committed several follies whilst making the salad. The fruits were cut on a tabletop that had not been cleaned beforehand, and the leaves of the lettuce only received half-hearted scrubs. There might have been some undesirable materials in the salad, thus I shied away from it and polished off a bowl of pasta. I guess I made the right decision, since my stomach feels just fine. I can’t say the same for the others though.

I was supposed to watch the netball friendly after school, but eventually figured that it would be a waste of time since I’m not really into girls frolicking on a hardcourt in skimpy FBTs, shooting colorful balls into baskets for the win. You come to realise that there are greater things for post-pubescent teens to achieve and enjoy than the decadence of seeing sports chicks in their natural environment. I left the college at 3.30pm today, never felt better.

I’ve to go settle some stuff, such as the setting up of a machine gun turret that fires at any intruder within a 100m radius of it. Don’t step on the flowers!

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