SAJC v VJC A Division Girls’ Finals and other fucked up stuff

Final score:


I hate watching girls play soccer, everything’s so soft and unriveting. Wrestling though, is another thing altogether.

Anyway, I vaguely recall VJC first blowing ahead by 2-0, before allowing SAJC to catch up by means of a rather scrappy shot. The VJC coach acted like a dog in heat every time his side scored a goal. In a sense, the drama that unfolded along the perimeters of the pitch caught my interest more effectively than the game itself. I was joined by Daniel at this shoot, and of course we faced our own foes too, namely members of the VJC Photographic Society. I noted that some dood who resembled Guo Xian(1 of the 4 Sums in the Sec 4 AHS batch of 2008) was toting a 70-200mm f4L. Very good stuff, compared to what SAJC’s Photographic Club has to offer. I don’t care, they’d better purchase some more equipment this year.

While I’m on this topic, I should touch a little on the precariousness of my chances of securing an Exco position in the club. It’s a long story, but we have time, don’t we?

It all started out with a Ngee Ann Photography competition. Members were asked to submit 4 photos that beared some form of coherence to a few set themes. A deadline was set, and I missed it whilst in the midst of searching for acceptable photos that would even stand the remotest of chances of clinching a prize. Eventually, I found them. It was too late, however, as everyone else had already got their photos developed and adhered to mounting boards at the cost of $15 a student. I was then asked by Chris, the so-called “I/C” of competitions to get the photos printed on my own.

I headed down to Peninsula Plaza last Tuesday after school to get my shit settled. I took my business to Konota, which is supposed to be reputed for good quality prints, albeit at slightly higher fees. Printing 4 pieces of 8Rs would cost me $22. I balked at first mention of the charges as I had only $40 to last me through the week. I decided to excuse myself and give Chris a ring.

“Hey, the photos will cost $22. A mounting board from Art Friend should be $4 odd. Total comes to about $26. Should I go ahead with the procedure?”

“Yah, print la. The teacher will reimburse the full charge. Tomorrow just bring the receipt.”

Upon receiving his “reassuring words”, I decided to take the plunge.

At 3pm the next day, things started to fuck up. The teacher-in-charge intially refused to even foot a cent of the incurred charges. I attempted to iron out the situation out with her, clearly stating that it was the fucker who gave me the green light to carry out the next step. She, however, was immune to any form of reason. What had at first began as a talk was quickly degenerating into an argument. I had to stand my ground, this was $26 for fuck’s sake. Eventually, she relented and agreed to pay me $15, which was what the club had paid for each other member.

“You pass up late, is your fault! See, never print in bulk more expensive, so is your own business!”

What the fuck? You inform us of the deadline barely 8 days before, and you expect us to obtain 4 quality photos in such a short span of time? I checked with the other J1s, most of them had taken photos from their own collection, and there were some that had no meaning to them at all. Some things just cannot be rushed out.

I then told her about Chris and his wacky suggestions. She asserted that I should have checked with her instead. I called her like 20 fucking times without any answer whatsoever and she dares to throw up this kind of a refute? Screw it, I thought to myself. I’ll find ways to appropriate funds from the club in the future. I accepted the $15 reparations, and what a feeble sum it was. All this happened in the presence of Chris, who didn’t dare step up to say a fucking thing. On hindsight, it may have been a wise decision on his part. The fucker’d just be shooting himself in the foot. I’ll do the honours when I get the chance to.

I had originally planned on attaining the post of Chief Photographer. Well, I guess that’s a little far off considering the fiasco that just had to unravel itself at such an untimely occasion. No matter, I’ll quit the club if I do not get into the Exco, and join Volleyball instead. The main reason for my joining the club in the first place was to gain access to the J2 prom. I’ve realised that a DSLR slung round your neck equates to an entry pass that will get you past any lax doorman almost 100% of the time. Therefore, if all else fails, I shall crash prom and cover it on my own accord.

I could kill but I don’t care about it. Subtle maneuvers might prove to be more effective, and more importantly, clean.



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