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Geek Stink Breath

Many things have been happening as of late; most of them trivial.

Yesterday I got quite fucked up. We were having Math, and the lecturer was basically a Lim Geok Lian in an alternate guise. When you have a fucktard who assumes both the roles of a teacher and a student simultaneously, you know you have to really pay attention to even get a gist of what she’s rambling about. You do not exacerbate the situation by speaking with your friends so audibly for an hour. You do not talk about breasts when the subject is fucking inequalities.

So there were these jibyes consisting of 3 girls and 1 guy, sitting directly to my left. I didn’t catch his name, but I think it starts with the letter J and sounds like what a girl would instead be christened. He is also a councilor, so most SAJC kids should know who I’m referring to at this point.




There’s a difference, see?

The third scenario was one that I had to endure for 2 terms. Not any more. I don’t care if I have to spend my free periods in the library using the computer terminals or sleeping on the couch; the preservation of my sanity takes precedence. I know many who assume that I have a happy life, being in a class of 21 girls and 3 guys. I thought so too at first, but I have been forced to change my opinions after suffering for the past 4 months. I know many who’d be willing to take my place, and I’d be absolutely elated if they did. I should probably have opted to take PCM(E) or PCM(KI). I’d then be in a class with roughly equal proportions of guys to girls. Sometimes, the golden ratio should never be tweaked. I’m keeping to myself for a while. Any more of that nonsense and I’ll have to get on a plane to Amsterdam to puff some weed.

Okay so they talked. Insignificant buggers. I tried to focus on the lecture. Then they started talking about the female body. A point to note would be that it was in fact one of the girls who opened the door to the subject in concern. This piqued my interest somewhat. I glanced over, and caught sight of the three whores. Yeech. Then the councilor tried to change the topic, but you KNOW that he’s getting more into it by the second. Fucking hypocrite. I forgot the exact contents, but the subject remained unchanged until the teacher made a major mistake in her calculations and pissed the kids off.


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Budget Thrills

Got some cheap and good stuff yesterday. I went back to Camera Xchange to get a replacement for the Yashica FX-3 which I had purchased from them a day before. The meter was cranky and occasionally chose to stop functioning entirely, which warranted a trip back to the shop without further delay. Got an EOS 1000 film SLR for $48, which meant a refund of $32 since the Yashica was had at $80.






It accepts EF lenses and supports ETTL flashes, which is extremely convenient considering that it’ll be able to work with the equipment that I will be purchasing for my main body in the near future. The 1000 will be more of a novelty that I will carry around due to its ability to shoot film. Will probably mount the joke 50mm f1.8L on the film body after I get the Sigma 50mm 1.4 for the faster aperture. It’s reputed to have better reliability than Canon’s similar offering.

After that, I headed back to school and realised that I was late for a workshop on oral presentation and communication skills. It’s supposed to help us introverts become more outspoken. The overall goal was to transform everyone into capable public speakers, which would supposedly aid us during the Oral Presentation, which constitutes 40% of the Project Work grade. I didn’t really enjoy it, and considering that I could have gone with another appointment that I was admittedly much more interested in, decided to slack and wait for the three hours to be up.

6pm soon arrived. The facilitator ended the class and we were dismissed. Quite a depressing start to the new school term, if you ask me. Td Made my way down to Tanjong Pagar MRT station to purchase these little gems.



They’re the Soundmagic PL30, fully made and produced in China. I had been looking around for a pair of phones for rough use since the Audio-Technica CKM50s’ right driver chose to die on me last Saturday night, and the Sennheiser MX360s that I dug up to replace them proved to be completely unusable, by trait(or not) of exposed copper wiring near the jack. I’m not exactly the most experimental guy around, so I’ll stick to my rationale of not using stuff that might self-destruct at any moment. Paid the friendly seller $40 and departed for home to test my new purchase out.

Upon first impressions, they look cheap. No doubt about that, but they’re made for you to listen to, so that is negligible. I started putting them into my ears, and after a little trial-and-error, got them into the “sweet spot”. Started playing tracks on my Cowon D2 set to shuffle soon after. Out of the box, they already sounded slightly better than the Sennheiser CX300s, which costs roughly twice the price. The bass was not very well-defined yet, and the phones suffered from treble roll-offs similar to that of the Westone UM1s. Comfort-wise, the PL30s are good. They are rather small and will fit easily into most ears, unlike the Super-Fi 5 Pros. They also came with a bountiful supply of accessories like eartips and surprisingly, a piece of cable management rubber. The case looks quite cheap, and is indicative of a China product. Otherwise, it is quite solid and will protect most phones rather capably.

Currently burning the PL30s in now. More updates to come. Leaving for City Hall to purchase a What The Duck plush.

By the way, I have been inflicted by the common flu. Damn funny when I sneeze and look up to see strange stares aimed at me.

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