Geek Stink Breath

Many things have been happening as of late; most of them trivial.

Yesterday I got quite fucked up. We were having Math, and the lecturer was basically a Lim Geok Lian in an alternate guise. When you have a fucktard who assumes both the roles of a teacher and a student simultaneously, you know you have to really pay attention to even get a gist of what she’s rambling about. You do not exacerbate the situation by speaking with your friends so audibly for an hour. You do not talk about breasts when the subject is fucking inequalities.

So there were these jibyes consisting of 3 girls and 1 guy, sitting directly to my left. I didn’t catch his name, but I think it starts with the letter J and sounds like what a girl would instead be christened. He is also a councilor, so most SAJC kids should know who I’m referring to at this point.




There’s a difference, see?

The third scenario was one that I had to endure for 2 terms. Not any more. I don’t care if I have to spend my free periods in the library using the computer terminals or sleeping on the couch; the preservation of my sanity takes precedence. I know many who assume that I have a happy life, being in a class of 21 girls and 3 guys. I thought so too at first, but I have been forced to change my opinions after suffering for the past 4 months. I know many who’d be willing to take my place, and I’d be absolutely elated if they did. I should probably have opted to take PCM(E) or PCM(KI). I’d then be in a class with roughly equal proportions of guys to girls. Sometimes, the golden ratio should never be tweaked. I’m keeping to myself for a while. Any more of that nonsense and I’ll have to get on a plane to Amsterdam to puff some weed.

Okay so they talked. Insignificant buggers. I tried to focus on the lecture. Then they started talking about the female body. A point to note would be that it was in fact one of the girls who opened the door to the subject in concern. This piqued my interest somewhat. I glanced over, and caught sight of the three whores. Yeech. Then the councilor tried to change the topic, but you KNOW that he’s getting more into it by the second. Fucking hypocrite. I forgot the exact contents, but the subject remained unchanged until the teacher made a major mistake in her calculations and pissed the kids off.


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