Somehow, you have stumbled upon this page. Let’s fixtate your attention upon this space just for a little while longer.

I have studied at institutions such as Loyang Primary School and Anglican High School, currently in my fourth year at the latter. I find present school life to be quite a conflicted one; you get surrounded by idiosyncratics to the point that it makes you consider misanthropy. Most days, one and one don’t make a two. You ever seem to find that there’s some people in your class you can’t get along with? I mean, the instant you engage in a social joust with them you just know that their personalities and yours go together like Michael Phelps and solid earth. It doesn’t work out, and you start to develop strong feelings of anarchy towards them. Being a “buay hiao baii”, or known in the Queen’s English as a thick-skinned fuck is all right, but you can’t go overboard with that. You can’t go with the spastic behaviour either, because that is just plain wrong. You would generally want to be a dude looking to hitch a ride.

My interests include technology, discreet voyeurism, automobiles, and a very particular genre of books that are not written by the likes of fail authors such as Stephanie Meyer. I also delight in unwinding with a game or two of Dota on some days, and Mahjong always works on a lazy Sunday afternoon. I own a cumbersome Toshiba laptop that would not look out of place next to a gramophone, as well as a sleek white Macbook that I whored off Singtel. Surprisingly, I get most of my stuff done on the former.

Times are changing fast, it’s not a bad idea to hitch a ride every once in a while now is it?


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