went to cineleisure to watch ehrens game yesterday, the commentator dam crapping funny leh. he tok liddat one: ” and the chens going to die. oh its dead”-.- and omfg the private lan room there is like 10 dollar an hour for 2 comps? holy..scary prices>.< went to bugis later and walked around..went home after that la..
went to orchard again to buy clothes, den later met chongrui at tm to buy benjamin’s present. wao toys r u the toy dam ex la. actaully wan buy thr remote control aeroplane one. but that one too goddamm ex at 79.90, blew our budget entirely, so we bought something else=D later went to buy tshirt, isetan levi’s dun have my size so ended up paying 8 bucks more for the tshirt-.- quite nice la, onli thing a bit scam money, cos dey dun have the discount at the other shop=(
mm den walked around looking for chongrui’s shorts and shoes..he din manage to buy anything but we saw some retarded chai shens aka god of fortunes walking around the mall,

ahh poor guy, forced to dress in such a ridiculous costume, but at least he has some chicks with him..not like this guy here

i pity the poor guy who got stucked in this costume, he onli has little kiddies to humour him=(
btw the new year is coming, and bagua prices are going up, non-halal frens out there, be sure to buy ur bagua soon! hope this year got more hongbao money to collect than last year.hehhehhehheh
starting from today onwards im going to write a few things to think about, this section shall be called milo’s muses!! and the first one is..
that day i went to the rain concert, the concert by the big korean star, and i couldnt help thinking: if girls scream in sheer esctasy as rain throws his sweaty shirt at them, then why do they run at the sight of haonan stripping off his pe tee?



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